Contribute papers
We welcome contributions of papers to be considered for articles in Imperium. Contributions should be either conventional academic papers conforming to the stylesheet below or in other forms such as photo-essays or fictocriticism. We welcome innovation and contributions can be discussed with the editors. However, we do not publish pure fiction or poetry.


Contribute reviews
We will normally commission reviews for Imperium. However, we are happy to consider potential reviews and subjects for reviews which will normally be books or journals, but may also include videos, multimedia, exhibitions, performances and other forms of relevance to our aim. Any possible contributions can be discussed with the editors.


The refereeing process

The refereeing process for Imperium is intended to be simple, streamlined and free from partiality and conflicting interests. Submissions to the editors will be acknowledged and sent to two academic referees. The choice of referees will be determined by the journal's acknowledged interdisciplinary stance.

Authors will be informed of a decision within three months. Submissions will be rejected, accepted or accepted with conditions or recommendations for alteration or other requirements. In the final case, referees may be asked to provide a statement regarding recommended alterations for the author or authors. The referee may choose to be identified or remain anonymous. However, the editors will not forward comments that are personally derogatory, irrelevant or purely negative. Revised submissions are accepted at the discretion of the editors whose decision is final.

Accepted or revised submissions may be posted on the site immediately upon receipt. They will normally remain in the current contents of the journal for six months and then be removed to the archive. Authors are required to sign a simple declaration authorising Imperium to publish their work.


Guidelines for contributors

Generally, articles for Imperium should be 4000-7000 words. However, we will consider proposals for differing lengths or formats. We use a version of the Harvard referencing system. The simplest way to check this out is to examine one of the current articles in the journal.

Where web sites or other electronic sources are to be included, authors are advised to follow the APA format in the style guidance published on the University of Vermont web site at:

The editors would be obliged if contributors would adhere to the referencing system strictly as editing time is limited.

Book reviews are normally commissioned and may take the form of short (1000 word) reviews or longer review articles as appropriate. Note that we are also committed to reviewing audio-visual material, web publications, exhibitions and other forms of creative output.

Manuscripts should normally be submitted electronically as a email attachment or on disk. The preferred format is Word for the Apple Macintosh. However, we can normally read nearly all other formats. If manuscripts are submitted as hard copy, we will normally require a disk version before publication. Please contact the editors with any queries regarding formatting. Please also submit your electronic version in as simple a form as possible. Footnotes, references, tables, illustrations, etc are best provided separately rather than imbedded in the document. This helps the editors prepare the text efficiently in HTML format.

Illustrations are welcome and can be submitted either as slides or prints (colour or b&w) or as JPEG, TIFF or GIF files (if as GIF they should be sized as to display). It is important, however, that authors clear copyright on any visual material before submission. The editors can take no responsibility in this respect. It is also assumed that copyright is cleared on any quoted or extracted material in articles, with the exception of acceptable quotation for academic review.

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