6th May 2002

After a hiatus of a few months, Imperium Volume III is on the way! We should be online within seven days. Volume III will be the most substantial volume yet, both in terms of quantity and of the scope of contributions. Also planned for summer 2002 is a CD-ROM version of volumes I-III, available both to institutions and individuals at a very reasonable price. Watch out for more details.

26th November 2001

Some interesting summary statistics. For the period September-November, Imperium attracted readers from the following countries (apart from the US and UK): Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France. Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates. That is a total of 41 countries from which we have subscribers in 18.

21st November 2001

Imperium Volume Two is online and comments have been favourable. Despite from a temporary server problem which took the journal offline on over Saturday and Sunday 17th-18th February, increased numbers of hits have been recorded for the last two weeks. The editors are conducting a survey of the readership and this should be available soon.

28th October 2001

Imperium is up and running again, with Volume Two due for release in the next few days. As readers will have noted, it is rather later than we anticipated and we have re-defined the issues as Spring and Autumn releases. This structure also fits in better with the academic year. The next issue (on 'Englishness') is due at the beginning of 2002 and, although we already have several contributions, we welcome others and any suggestions for inclusion.

The editors have faced several difficulties in putting together this volume, not least because our home in the Faculty of Humanities at the University no longer exists due to a radical re-structuring of the University. This has resulted in substantial changes for the editors and local members of the editorial board. However, Imperium has survived! Details of our future location within the University hierarchy will follow soon.

16th May 2001

Subscriptions to Imperium are coming in on a daily basis and we hope to have the subscription database up and running within a couple of weeks. Feedback has been positive, but we would also welcome more specific feedback in the form of letters relevant to the academic scope of the journal and, especially, specific articles. This will enable us to engender an ongoing debate. Any response is welcome and can be addressed to the editors.

9th May 2001

Subscriptions to Imperium are coming in daily and the editors intend to complete a subscriber database in the near future. Thank you to all of our readers who have sent messages of support. It has certainly been a challenge to get the journal up and running in a time of many trials and tribulations in some sections of the UK higher education system.

Readers may be interested in the steps we have taken to promote the journal:

Firstly, we have registered details with all the main search engines in an attempt to optimise our profile and should be much easier to locate by searching in the near future. Secondly, we have completed an extensive mailing, including all the education sector libraries in the UK. The response has been very positive so far.

Finally, we are monitoring usage reports to profile our readership and we hope to publish some details of this soon.

30th April 2001

After a couple of months of testing and generally improving the Imperium website, we now seem to have it working pretty well. One problem, however, that has arisen is that users who accessed the website during the testing period have been getting 'old' pages turning up on their browser that are no longer in Imperium. If you have this problem it is because your browser has stored a version of the page in its cache memory. This will sort itself in time, but for an IMMEDIATE solution, change your browser preferences to ensure that the cache is always updated.

22nd December 2000

December 2000 sees the launch of the first online volume of Imperium. The journal is hosted by the University of Luton and was inspired by a series of lectures delivered to the Post-Colonial Studies Forum. at the University. Enquiries and comments are welcome. However, please bear with us as the site is tested and further developed over the next few weeks. We hope that any flaws will be detected and resolved by the end of March and at that time we will have a 'launch' and further publicise this enterprise.


call for papers

The Autumn 2001 issue of Imperium is a general issue.

For the Spring 2002 issue of Imperium we are seeking papers around the theme Does England Exist? The England referred to in the the title is not the contemporary multi-ethnic England of 2001, but the mythological England of church fetes, cricket greens, warm beer, imperialism, Agatha Christie novels and stiff upper lips. Contributions are welcome from an interdisciplinary perspective on a wide range of relevant interests, which may include literatures, lived experience, local history, economic and political structures, etc. All enquiries to the editors.

For the Autumn 2002 issue of Imperium we are seeking papers on pedagogy in an interdisciplinary, post-colonial context. Details to follow.









Forthcoming issues of Imperium will include:

Helen Davis on 'The Silence of the Bertrams'.

Karen Sayers on The River at Green Knowe.

Web design in a postcolonial context.

International cinema

And much more.


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